Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanzines

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USA - $35.00

Bringing the Group Together by Voracity, a Xander-centric novel from Requiem Publications. Color cover by K9. Written from parts of seasons two and three. M/M & F/F slash, foursomes, some het. 9 point font.  229 pages.

Summary: Xander is given a chance at everything he thinks he wants, and his friends have to show him what he truly needs. 


Worldwide - $63.00

Download - $8.00

CD - $13.00




USA - $37.00

Forged in Flames by Gillian Silverlight. 250 pages, full size zine from Requiem Publications. Color cover and interiors by Lilac. HET/ADULT

This story has been online in the past, and has been gone over by both author and Press. Pairings include: Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Angel and Willow/Giles.

Summary: Buffy searches for the reasons behind her attraction to Spike, as well as why he can hit her - and her origins as Slayer. To do this, she enlists the aid of her Watcher, Giles, who is living  in England. The Watcher's Council has decided that the powerful magicks, and their result: Buffy's resurrection, demand examination, and they seek a new slayer. During this, Willow suffers a loss, Spike disappears, and a newly sired vampire targets the fledgling slayer and Buffy. In the end, only the truth about slayers and vampires will save the slayer, and all she loves.


Rest of World - $65.00

Download - $8.00

CD - $13.00



USA - $42.00

Twilight Time by Shadow, a Xander/Spike slash novel from Requiem Publications. Shorter version is online, but has been expanded significantly for zine publication.  Full-sized, double column, 276 pages, 11 pt typeface. Colour cover and colour interior art by Lilac.

Summary: Xander: Carefree donut boy. Spike: Uncaring black sheep of the Scoobies. A chance meeting in one of Sunnydale's cemeteries gives them a glimpse behind the masks they wear, and romance is in the air . . . but a new dark is rising in Sunnydale, and Spike and Xander find themselves caught a web of prophecy, danger, secrets, love, and death, where friends can become enemies and enemies can become saviours, nothing is ever quite what it seems, and love may be their only weapon.

Rest of World - $70.00

Download - $8.00

CD - $13.00