ZineList List Rules

1. Zinelist is a list for the discussion of Television and Movie inspired fiction fanzines and their publishers, as well as related fannish topics. List members must be at least eighteen years old. By joining, you are stating you are over eighteen years of age.

2. Do not send/forward/cut and paste any posts posted on Zinelist to anyone unless the post in question clearly states that forwarding is permitted. Don't share your mailing address on list or anyone else's!

3. Responses to fannish advertisements must go off list. 

4. No Flaming. Disagreement is fine, personal attacks are not. 

5. Change the subject line as topic changes.

6. ADMIN posts are to be obeyed. Any questions on an ADMIN post must be OFF LIST and directed to a moderator. 

7. When responding to a post, use names (so and so said) and BRIEF quotes of the previous post. SNIP the quoted post as much as possible. 

8. Rule breakers will be moderated. If you continually need to be moderated, you may be removed from the list. You will not be able to resubscribe.

9. If listing zines / books for sale, you MUST accurately describe them. Copies of zines MUST be labeled as copies in your ad. 

If you are not certain if your post is allowed on Zinelist, email me and ask. If you have any questions, or concerns, about these rules, please contact Bast privately at Zinelist-owner@yahoogroups.com

Updated 8 March 16

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